Rose Flower logo design


Introducing “Rose” – a ready-made logo and brand identity design template that exudes elegance and beauty. This professional design features a vibrant and eye-catching rose graphic that captures the essence of nature, growth, and renewal. The logo’s color mode is CMYK, ensuring that its colors are vivid and true to life.

“Rose” is 100% resizable, making it easy to fit any style or application. It also has easily changeable text and colors using named and organized layers that include the AI file. This feature makes it effortless to customize the logo to suit your brand’s specific needs and aesthetic preferences.

The “Rose” logo is available in JPEG, PNG, and AI formats, giving you the flexibility to use it on any platform or medium. With its fully editable and customizable design, this logo is perfect for businesses in the spiritual-oriented websites, beauty salons, holistic health centers, kindergartens, flower shops, gardening, parks, and landscaping websites. Its versatility and adaptability make it an ideal choice for any brand looking to establish a strong visual identity that reflects its core values and mission.

In summary, “Rose” is a stunning and professionally designed logo that embodies the beauty of nature and the essence of growth and renewal. It is a perfect fit for any brand that values elegance, sophistication, and a strong visual identity. So why wait? Get “Rose” today and start building a brand that truly stands out!

If you want to buy a logo once and the logo to be only for you – the price is 3 x actual price in the online shop (if $17 -> 3×17 = $51).
To buy the logo only for you, please choose Exclusive License from the DropDown below.
After purchasing the product logo will be permanently deleted from ayatemplates online store.

After purchasing, you will receive an email with a link 
to download the archive zip file of the logo design.

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