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Hi :), and welcome here. I hope you will find what you are searching for.

I’m Aneliya, or just Aya, a freelance designer and the founder of ayatemplates.com website.



Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works. – Steve Jobs

Design is in everything we make, but it’s also between those things. It’s a mix of craft, science, storytelling, propaganda, and philosophy. — Erik Adigard

My Logo and Brand Identity Designs, Business Cards & Website Designs – all speak for themselves.
Balance is a beautiful thing. And that’s all what I endeavor for. In every project that I do, my venture is to constantly find the precise balance between the design, the message a logo or business card or other design shall communicate and cost effectiveness. That is my philosophy, my very motto.

I know what makes good branding. The combination of strategy, design and
consistency creates a strong brand. The truth is that I follow some basic branding principles: the traditional components of branding such as vision, experience and originality. I use design elements such as color, type and photo filters to create an effective brand style. Colors can produce an emotional response, therefore the colors you choose for your products should be selected with care. I learn the art of designing from the Nature. I use Sacred Geometry Elements in my designs. I ofthen create symmetrical logos, representing the natural balance and order that’s found in nature. Nature is my Teacher and Inspiration.

I create my designs in the beautiful parks, or in the mountain. That’s my secret 🙂

Brand identity is the visual characteristics which define your brand. It is what you see, touch and recognize. It is the tangible aspect of your product. It is the print or digital collateral with logos, taglines and an original aesthetic unique to the brand itself. Brand identity is the fire that connects your business and your customer.

“Branding is not just a product, it’s also a way of life, an idea, branding is actually leadership.” – Onyi Anyado

If you are looking for a designer to create a clean, professional and unique design for you, then you’ve come to the right place. My designs are the perfect mix of style, beauty and business. Let me help you establish a genuine and impressive web presence in the Internet.

WordPress Themes

We are a small team focused on creating beautiful fresh and elegant WordPress themes. We have free themes approved and published at WordPress.org website. Here’s a link to our profile there. https://wordpress.org/themes/author/ayatemplates/
We offer both Free and Premium WordPress themes.

The Free version of the themes have limited number of features. The premium themes comes with many more features (i.e. 100+ Admin/Customizer Options, Custom Post types, page templates, WooCommerce and bbPress integrations, different widgets and widget areas, and much more).
If you decide to use a Premium theme (a big ‘Thank You’ if you decide to do so), the price for a premium theme is really inexpensive – just $24.99 per theme.
For the small price of $24.99, you get 100% of the Premium theme features and functionality, NO hidden taxes or fees, we will NOT try to sell you something else, etc.
Your feedback is very important for us, if you like (or do not) us, please let us know using the Contact form.

If you have some questions feel free to send me an e-mail. If you’re interested in getting a professional, colourful, simple, clean and unique, fresh and creative, representative, adaptable and customizable Logo and Brand Identity, or maybe you need a Website Design or Redesign, do not hesitate to contact me and use the form in the contact page, or write me an email.

Motivation & Marketing Promise

My logos and WordPress themes are designed and developed with love and are made for people who believe they can change the world in a good way. My focus is on those people who want to set a new beginning , to be an inspiration for a change.

With my work, I honestly want to help those who need my designs. By using them in their business projects, these people will not only send beautiful messages to their clients, but also they will receive a clearer meaning and intention for themselves and what they do, greater satisfaction with the work they do. When there are results (I’m sure there will be results when something done with love), gratitude will appear, even greater aspiration and inspiration will be born, the direction of their enterprise work will be confirmed, and so the realization will become more and more complete and real. This is all for the important meaningful change.

The very fact that one gains clarity in the direction of action is in itself a success and an achievement.

My Goals

✓ Modernity
✓ Purity
✓ Implementation
✓ Accomplishment
✓ Effectiveness
✓ Professionalism
✓ Remarkable Achievement

Logo Designs and WordPress Themes are:

✓ Beautiful

✓ Modern

✓ Stylish

✓ Valuable

✓  Wih components in natural colors, using sacred-geometric elements that are spiritually energized

I am fully aware of the small real clients community I work with.
A small number, but real customers, is qualitatively valuable to me, than a large number, but not so consciously working for the good of the world. I don’t compete or compare with anyone, I’m myself, and so are my real clients. I am grateful to them.
My idea is to appeal more self-focused and centered mode of work and mutual assistance.

Thank You, ✿
Aya Templates Team

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