The real logo making process

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In this publication I will describe the true steps in the process of making my logo designs.

The basis and fundamental step is the idea. The inspirational idea, which comes usually in the park, as I’m walking, or high above into the wild in mountain Vitosha. The nature is my magical element that starts up the logo making idea to be realized into graphic design soon.

So, I walk, I photograph all the spirals I see, all the symbols of flower of life and sacred geometry details all around me, and I receive the inspirational muse to work and produce creative stylish fresh and elegant logo. In the beginning it seems to me like real being, I know it’s alive, a real living essence. And it speaks… so much to me. There’s symbolical message in each logo I make. There’s soul within… a whisper, a slogan, a moto. All the logos are so energised and fulfilled with love…  Read More

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Nature Inspiration

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I learn the art of designing from the Nature. I use Sacred Geometry Elements in my designs. I ofthen create symmetrical logos, representing the natural balance and order that’s found in nature. Nature is my Teacher and Inspiration.

I create my designs in the beautiful parks of Sofia, Bulgaria, or in the mountain.

That’s my secret 🙂

Here is some inspirational images with spirals, the flower of life, fibonacci and other Sacred Geometry elements. Read More

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Embed Vimeo Video Mute by Default

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All of our Premium WordPress themes include’Display Vimeo Video’ widget which allows you to embed Vimeo videos in your website.

When you play the embed video the sound is enabled by default. In some cases you may want to disable the sound by default. Here are instructions how it can be done:

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