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Slippry Slider: Change Position of Slide Content

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If you use a theme with Slippry Slider (currently it’s added into our AyaCookingPro, AyaGreenPro, AyaHandmadePro and AyaWildPro premium themes), you have probably noticed that Slide content is displayed at bottom position of the Slider.

In some case, you may want to display that content above or even at the top of the slider. Here is a guide how to change the content position:

  1. Login to your WordPress Admin Panel
  2. Navigate to Left Menu -> Appearance -> Customize
  3. Open ‘Additional CSS’ section
  4. Insert the following code there:
    @media screen and (min-width: 600px) {
    .sy-caption-wrap {
    bottom: 400px;
    }Note: you can change the above value (marked in bold) to any other value i.e. ‘300px’ or ‘200px’ depending on preferred slide content position
  5. Save changes

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Nature Inspiration

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I learn the art of designing from the Nature. I use Sacred Geometry Elements in my designs. I ofthen create symmetrical logos, representing the natural balance and order that’s found in nature. Nature is my Teacher and Inspiration.

I create my designs in the beautiful parks of Sofia, Bulgaria, or in the mountain.

That’s my secret 🙂

Here is some inspirational images with spirals, the flower of life, fibonacci and other Sacred Geometry elements. Read More

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Tilt Social Icons on Hover

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In general, in most of our premium themes when you hover the social icons (in header and footer), the icon color is being changed.

Is some cases, you may want to add appearing effect to tilt the social icons on hover. Here’s how it can be done: Read More

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