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In this publication I will describe the true steps in the process of making my logo designs.

The basis and fundamental step is the idea. The inspirational idea, which comes usually in the park, as I’m walking, or high above into the wild in mountain Vitosha. The nature is my magical element that starts up the logo making idea to be realized into graphic design soon.

So, I walk, I photograph all the spirals I see, all the symbols of flower of life and sacred geometry details all around me, and I receive the inspirational muse to work and produce creative stylish fresh and elegant logo. In the beginning it seems to me like real being, I know it’s alive, a real living essence. And it speaks… so much to me. There’s symbolical message in each logo I make. There’s soul within… a whisper, a slogan, a moto. All the logos are so energised and fulfilled with love

This ! – the idea – is the most important part from the logo making process. The other part of the work is banal and the usual just using instruments, options and settings from the Adobe Illustrator program.  I admit that this part is not my real power, but  receiving the real natural idea from Above. I am learning the program each and every single day, and there is so much to be learned…

So here is one parallel example described:  the photograph image (which after that will be inspiration for logo product, made as brand identity).

After that in Adobe Illustrator the cosmic flower is transformed into this:

And then turned into  the entire package logo and brand identity design:

Sometimes, just for the presentation purpose only, I make some 3D effect of the logo template:

And  then … 🙂 happy birthday to the new logo template product “Cosmic Flower”! https://ayatemplates.com/product/cosmic-flower-logo/

And Business card template design is born also: https://ayatemplates.com/product/business-card-template-design-cosmic-flower/

This is shortly given the steps… The choice of the proper color scheme for the logo is important. Some colors don’t fit. I have come to the conviction that the natural color of the element is the most appropriate. So I usually choose some color close to the authentic natural one.

And the magic of nature is recreated and represented into stylish logo in order to do it’s work giving live to some business company’s production.

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