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What makes good branding?

The combination of strategy, design and
consistency creates a strong brand. The truth is that I follow some basic branding principles: the traditional components of branding such as vision, experience and originality. I use design elements such as color, type and photo filters to create an effective brand style. Colors can produce an emotional response, therefore the colors you choose for your products should be selected with care.

What is Brand Identity?

Brand identity is the visual characteristics which define your brand. It is what you see, touch and recognize. It is the tangible aspect of your product. It is the print or digital collateral with logos, taglines and an original aesthetic unique to the brand itself. Brand identity is the fire that connects your business and your customer.
“Branding is not just a product, it’s also a way of life, an idea, branding is actually leadership.” – Onyi Anyado

Why should you prefer WordPress?

WordPress themes are user-friendly, easy to be installed and customized in the Dashboard Admin Panel. Posting and creating pages becomes intuitive and smoothing job. There are plugins for WordPress Sites in order to extend the functionality, also the WordPress themes are mobile responsive, have a Blog Integration, and professional support.

What are WordPress Plugins for?

WordPress Plugins extend the functionality of the WordPress Websites. There are many various in the WordPress Plugin Directory. Plugins can be installed, activated, deactivated, also uninstalled in order to suit your wishes.

What should be the perfect logo design?

✓ Beautiful
✓ Modern
✓ Stylish
✓ Valuable