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As I have said many times before, nature is my inspiration. Throughout the seasons, but especially in spring and summer, Mothere Nature presents us her indescribable beauty through beautifully blooming, smiling flowers. Each flower is dressed in a different color, each with its own unique aroma, unique shape.

Purity, tenderness, beauty, kindness, innocence, honesty, sincerity, humility, love, calm and unpretentious wisdom, there is no exaltation in their wisdom, truth from root to every flower … Aren’t our flowers teachers? Everyone can sense and hear them, their quiet whispers, their quiet aroma, their friendly smile, their extended hand for calm, centering, self-focus. This is a therapy, God-given therapy, they are wonderful therapists. 🙂

Each color resonates differently and is associated with a different dimension of our being. Each color heals different parts of our body, different organs, systems. Colors have the power to reach deep enough in our consciousness and transform our spiritual perspective. They improve the mental state, the spiritual condition, and have a favorable effect on the peace of mind.

Flowers are mystical children of God.

Pentagram Universal Template can be seen anywhere, in micro and macro terms. You can see the video below. This is a common kind of dance that draws flowers, from a broader perspective. Sacred geometrical flowers.

Ptolematic Model In Motion

Thinking analogously, every living being, living, existing, is also in a peculiar dance, and his life situations, actions, moves, moods, downturns, upturns paint a picture of a flower. This is a mandala.

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  1. Kudos on a well-crafted article that not only informs but also resonates. The author’s passion and expertise shine, creating an enjoyable and enlightening read. ❤️

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