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The flower of life is a sacral geometric symbol, which usually consists of nineteen overlapping circles that are evenly spaced. The image formed by the circles creates images of perfectly symmetrical flowers. Some Flower of Life symbols use only 7 circles within the design, so there are different variations of the symbol.

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Architects, artists and philosophers knew the perfect form, harmony and proportion. Pagans consider it a kind of sacred geometry that depicts the basic forms of time and space. Sacred geometry refers to the geometric patterns and laws that create everything in the universe. They believe that the symbol “Flower of Life” is a visual representation of the interconnectedness of life and all beings.

The significance of the Flower of Life

The meaning behind the “Flower of Life” symbol is that it is believed to represent the cycle of creation. It describes how all life comes from a single source – represented by the circle in the middle of the model.

It is believed to be a secret symbol hidden in the Flower of Life symbol, which is said to possess the most significant and sacred models of the universe. It is believed to be something like a lifelong plan, with fundamental models for everything from atoms to planets and everything in between.

Symbols of the Flower of Life

The symbolism of the “Flower of Life” is becoming increasingly important within New Age groups and movements. It has a deep spiritual significance that many people of different religions and cultures have derived more specific beliefs and feelings. The flower of life gives enlightenment to those who study the symbol and its perfect form.

Some variants of the Flower of Life have different meanings and symbolism. The seed of life consists of seven overlapping circles that create a more unique color design. For some, this symbolizes the 7 days of creation during which God created life.

The egg of life is also formed by seven circles that only overlap. The shape formed is thought to be similar to that of the multicellular embryo in its early stages.

The Fruit of Life consists of thirteen circles, selected from the classic symbol of the Flower of Life. This shape is believed to be the basic structure of the universe and has the geometric basis for Metatron’s Cuba.

The Metatron cube illustrates the five platonic solids that are thought to be structures that act as the basis for all organic life. These five structures are the stellar tetrahedron, the hexahedron, the octahedron, the dodeca aerodron, and the icosahedron, which are found in life forms, minerals, music, sound, and language. The Metatron cube is also considered a sacred symbol that can be used as protection from evil

The Story of the Flower of Life

The flower of life is a fascinating and ancient symbol. It has been found to be important in many cultures around the world, as the “Flower of Life” symbol is seen in ancient manuscripts, temples, synagogues and art. However, in the 90s of the last century it was called “Flower of Life”.

The oldest known images of the Flower of Life were found in the Temple of Osiris in Egypt and date back at least 6,000 years, and recent research shows that they could not have been made before 535 BC. These definitions of the symbol are fascinating because they were not carved into the rock, but rather burned or drawn on red ocher granite with great precision. Some believe that the symbol could be used to represent the Eye of Ra.

It is known that Leonardo da Vinci studied the Flower of Life model and derived the five platonic solids, as well as the Golden Ratio of Phi, from the symbol.

Nowadays, the symbol “Flower of Life” is often found on jewelry, tattoos, decor and other products. New Age groups use and study the symbol to try to achieve enlightenment and find a deeper meaning in life.

The flower of life is also found in several religions, and some believe that the Tree of Life, which is associated with the teachings of Kabbalah, may have been derived from the symbol.

The Flower of Life in different cultures and religions

Judaism / Kabbalah

The tree of life is theorized to have come from the Flower of Life and is a prominent symbol in the discipline of Kabbalah of soteric Judaism. The tree of life contains ten spiritual symbols called 10 Sefirot. Each sefirot represents a specific aspect of God, so when gathered in the Tree of Life, they represent the name of God.

In Kabbalah, the 10 sefirs also refer to the chakras, each of which is aligned with the specific energy in the human body. The tree of life symbolizes the “idea of ​​common origin” in the teachings of Kabbalah. this tree of life is thought to be similar to that of the tree of life found in the Book of Genesis.


Many connections have been made between the Flower of Life and Christianity. The seed of life is especially important in Christianity, as it symbolizes the seven days of creation with the seven overlapping circles. The Tree of Life can be found in the Flower of Life and is related to the Tree of Life, which is mentioned in Genesis 2: 9 in the Old Testament.

New Age Groups

New Age movements and groups study the Flower of Life and perceive it as a form of sacred geometry that can be used to enlighten and understand the deeper spiritual meaning of life. They use the symbol to create new meditative practices and beliefs from it.


Several works belonging to alchemists have depicted the use of the Flower of Life and its symbolic model. The Metatron cube has been used in alchemy to create circles of creation or restriction.

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